Flight International online news 12:30GMT: Pilatus’s new distributor for the UK, Ireland and Spain has pre-sold the eight Pilatus PC-12s it placed deposits on when it launched in July.

PC 12

Based in Bournemouth, UK, Pilatus PC-12 Centre UK is the trading name for all the Pilatus PC-12 sales of Technical Flight Services (TFS), a sales, a leasing and brokerage company founded in 1987 by former Piper salesman Bob Berry. He and his team were until June 2004 the sales force for former Pilatus and Piper distributors Meridian Aviation. The new business is not connected to Meridian, although it operates out of Meridian’s main hangar.

Fred Muggli, Pilatus head of PC-12 sales and marketing, says: “we are delighted that we have finally persuaded Bob and the TFS team to launch Pilatus PC-12 Centre UK and are providing maintenance and servicing for the growing number of owners."

Source: Flight International