New Piper Aircraft is to increase production by almost 10% next year, as its recovery continues to track that of the overall US general aviation industry. The company is scheduled to produce 329 light aircraft in 1999, up from 303 this year.

The company plans to build 25 Warrior III piston singles (up from 20), plus 100 Archer IIIs (91), six Arrows (two), six Seminoles (four), 30 Saratoga HPs (28) and 46 Saratoga TCs (48). New Piper will also build 55 Seneca V piston twins (the same as 1998) and 61 Malibu Mirage high-performance piston singles (up from 55).

New Piper is also introducing improvements across its product line, beginning with the Archer and Saratogas, which will receive new avionics from Garmin International and S-Tec.

The Archer will be equipped as standard with a Garmin GNS 430 VHF communication/navigation and global positioning system with moving-map display. A second GNS 430 and an S-Tec System 55 dual-axis autopilot will be optional. The Saratoga HP and TC will be equipped as standard with dual GNS430s and System 55 autopilot, plus other avionics.

Source: Flight International