Boeing and Goodrich have brokered a data license agreement allowing Goodrich to obtain parts manufacturing authority (PMA) for replacement landing gear spare parts.

The deal enables Goodrich - who builds landing gear for all Boeing commercial aircraft in service today - to ship the replacement parts directly to airlines.

Goodrich's PMA pact with Boeing is different from engine maker Pratt & Whitney's decision in 2006 to build PMA parts for engines designed by its rival CFM - a joint venture between GE and Snecma.

That business remains uncertain after PW's launch customer United airlines opted to shed its aging Boeing 737 classic fleet powered by CFM engines.

Earlier this year Goodrich CFO Scott Kuechle told attendees at an investor conference there does not appear to be any meaningful threat of another company seeking PMA approvals for the Goodrich product line.

Since the company focuses on products and systems that are flight critical, and where it owns proprietary data, Kuechle reasons it would difficult on the PMA side to replicate those components and take them to the aftermarket.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news