Spanish manufacturer Construcciones Aeronáuticas de Galicia (CAG) fears the introduction of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) could delay certification of its Toxo II two-seat kitplane. CAG imposed a design freeze last month and has submitted flight manuals to the Spanish DGAC airworthiness body for certification under the pan-European Joint Aviation Requirements for Very Light Aircraft (JAR-VLA).

Antonio Castelo, CAG's managing director, says he expects the DGAC to "take its time" in evaluating the aircraft because it has never certificated an aircraft in this category before. CAG has already sold 16 pre-built aircraft, scheduled for delivery by year-end, which would be delayed if the DGAC has to re-examine the aircraft once EASA regulations replace the JARs as the rules defining aircraft certification requirements in Europe in the middle of this year.

Castelo says he has received indications that EASA may seek to change the rules to apply only to aircraft under 500kg (1,100lb). CAG says the maximum take-off weight of the Toxo will be about 650kg, but Castelo says the certificated version could be heavier.

Source: Flight International