Smiths Aerospace chose Le Bourget to announce its new senior management organisation following the merger of Smith's Industries Aerospace and Dowty and the creation of the new outfit. In an equitable split, three players from each of the former parties will head the six aerospace business groups, which constitute the new company. Similarly Europe and North America are equally represented.

Bob Ehr heads Smiths Aerospace Electronic Systems, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Paul Strothers becomes managing director of Smiths Aerospace Actuation Systems. Based in Wolverhampton, UK the business will integrate the former Dowty Hydraulics and Actuation Systems business and SI Whippany, along with Dowty propellers.

Peter Wright will be president of Smiths Aerospace Components located at Mountaintop, Pennsylvania. John Legg is appointed managing director of Smiths Aerospace Customer Services, which will be headquartered in Cheltenham, UK.

John Shepherd retains the managing directorship of Smiths Aerospace Detection and Protection. Ron Nailer will be managing director of Smiths Aerospace Marine Systems. The appointments will be effective from 1 August.

Source: Flight Daily News