A Star is born at Asian Aerospace '98 with the debut of a new high performance airborne thermal imaging system.

Star SAFIRE, from FLIR Systems (Stand A1029), is an upgraded version of SAFIRE which is used by all branches of the US military and is in service on ships, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft in more than 30 countries, says the company.

Star SAFIRE uses third-generation 3-5 micron (mid-wave infra-red) technology to give military and paramilitary users enhanced imaging over water and in humid tropical conditions.

By focusing on the mid-wave infra-red band, the system gives a clear image of objects in the field of view. It capitalises on research which shows that infra-red waves of this length pass far more efficiently through moist and misty conditions than waves in other segments of the infrared energy band.

Star SAFIRE also features three optical fields of view and is designed for operations which demand long-range detection, such as surveillance, search and rescue, flight safety and navigation at sea and in the tropics.

Additionally it has the flexibility to include options such as an eye-safe laser rangefinder, laser illuminator and laser designator.

Source: Flight Daily News