Frasca International is to supply cockpit-procedures trainers (CPTs) for the UK Defence Helicopter Flying School, which is being set up to take over all military helicopter training in the UK.

The US manufacturer, based in Urbana, Illinois, will supply three CPTs - two for use in single-engine training with the Eurocopter AS350BB and one for multi-engine training with the Bell 412EP. The 412 CPT will have a Frasca FVS-200HR visual system.

The new tri-service helicopter school, which is due to open in April 1997, is being operated by FBS, a joint venture between FR Aviation, Bristow Helicopters and Serco.

Frasca has already supplied Bell TH-67 CPTs to the US Army; Eurocopter AS365N2 and Enstrom F28F flight-training devices (FTDs) to South Korea and Colombia, respectively and an Eurocopter BO105 full-flight simulator to Indonesia.

Frasca has also sold two FTDs to the Argentine air force, for use at the National Civil Aviation Institute in Buenos Aires. One FTD will be used for twin-turboprop training and will represent the Beech King Air B200 and 1900C. The other will be used for jet training and will represent the Cessna Citation II, Hawker 800 and Learjet 35. Both will have FVS-200HR collimated visuals.

The company has supplied the Argentine air force with five simulators for the Beech T-34 turboprop trainer.

Flight Safety International is building a Bell 412EP full-flight simulator for the FVS.

A Frasca-supplied FTD at the University of Alaska has received Level 3 training approval. The device, which can be configured as either a single- or twin-engined aircraft, has a three-axis motion system and two-window FVS-200HR visual.

Source: Flight International