Exhibitors are not the only ones with state-of-the-art gadgetry on show at Farnborough ‘96.

The world' press is here, relaying pictures across the globe and that takes some impressive technology.

If you saw Monday night's News at Ten footage, you probably didn't imagine the scene earlier in the day as the report was put together - in the back of a Toyota Previa parked next to the Flight Daily News office.

The two-main team of reporter James Bays and editor Roger Pittman used a full editing suite in the back of the van to pre-record the two-minute story.

It included an interview conducted much earlier in the day as British Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine announced the big story - as far as the outside world was concerned - of Britain's commitment to the Eurofighter project.

While they sat in their van, a satellite truck transmitted the footage back to the offices of ITN via a geosynchronous satellite located some 35,000km (22,000 miles) above the equator.

Back in London, a production team added pictures from the catalogue dating back 40 years that makes up the ITN library. Meanwhile, a producer kept an eye on developments to ensure the story didn't require a last-minute change of angle, and that other interview pieces could be slotted into the spaces left at this end.

Fortunately the song remained the same and the evening viewers got the facts, blissfully unaware of the technology that made it happen.





Source: Flight Daily News