ERJ-145 warning

Embraer RJ-145 regional jet pilots have been warned not to use the autopilot below 1,500ft (460m) altitude, says a new US Federal Aviation Administration airworthiness directive (AD). Flight manuals should include drills for pitch trim runaway, autopilot trim failure and stabiliser out of trim. The AD was prompted by a test flight in which the pitch trim monitoring subsystem malfunctioned in "a similar aircraft's" Honeywell Primus 1000 Integrated Avionics System because of a software fault.

Safety correction

The Airline Safety Review (Flight International, 13-19 January, P28) refers incorrectly to an Alliance Air accident at Cochin Airport, India. In fact, the aircraft concerned, a Dornier 228-200, was operated by Indian Airlines' short-haul department. We apologise for the error, which arose from a misidentification of the Indian Airlines subsidiary acting as the operator.

Source: Flight International