Special operations

Honeywell has won a $3.2 million US Army contract for 55 shipsets of Primus 700 colour weather radars to equip Boeing MH-47 and Sikorsky MH-60 special operations helicopters.

Power generation

AlliedSignal is to supply the power generation and distribution system for Bell/ Agusta Aerospace's AB139 medium helicopter, scheduled for certification in 2002. This marks the first time that AlliedSignal will provide a complete power system for a helicopter.

Propeller de-icers

B/E Aerospace subsidiary SMR Technologies has won US certification for electrothermal propeller de-icers for the British Aerospace Jetstream 31/32, Fairchild Metro/Merlin, Dornier 228 and Lockheed Martin C-130.

Weather update

Approach Navigation Systems (ANS) of Dieppe, New Brunswick has signed a licence agreement to manufacture and sell a Canadian version of AAI Systems Management's NEXWOS automated weather observation system. ANS will modify the sensors to meet Transport Canada requirements.

Composite parts

GKN Westland Aerospace's US arm, the former Dow-UT, has been granted a series of patents on new processes for moulding composite parts. A self-contained tooling injection system will permit resin transfer moulding of multiple parts to take place at the same time. An automated method for simultaneously stacking and cutting carbonfibre plies will improve quality, while a process developed for applying dry resin to fibres will allow greater design flexibility.

Source: Flight International