·Aqua-planing: Spare a thought for the designer of the UTC chalet who spent all that creative energy designing and building a gently flowing waterfall at the front of his client's gin-palace only to find Boeing had been able to get the same effect for considerably less outlay.

Visitors to the Boeing media chalet discovered the unexpected (???) summer downpours had found a gap in the guttering and allowing the rainwater to cascade down on the hacks assembling outside.

"It was obviously Boeing trying to catch up again with a new idea," one cynic said.

·Exit puzzled distributor... muttering darkly about females who don't travel prepared for all eventualities!

("You might try the Night & Day petrol station opposite Gate B" Uncle Roger)

·Stealthy box: It could be a definition of despair how do you make a grey box from an aerospace company look interesting? Perhaps not by putting it on a grey background unless there is some subtle stealth dimension not immediately apparent.

No matter what genius has gone into the box, the box itself is spectacularly dull. So the next time you're at dinner and somebody says they are a tax inspector or toilet cleaner, it would be legitimate to speculate that they might in truth be a photographer specialising in taking pictures of grey boxes.

The scribes of Flight Daily News are scouring the site to find the most screamingly dull grey box picture circulating at Farnborough. We will try not to print too many of them.

·Fractional ownership: According to official figures from SBAC, there are 218.5 chalets on the Farnborough 2000 showground. What we want to know is... which company is making do with the half chalet?

Source: Flight Daily News