Aerolíneas Ejecutivas picks Latitude for MexJet fractional offer

Mexican business aviation services company Aerolíneas Ejecutivas has ordered three Cessna Citation Latitude business jets for its MexJet fractional ownership programme.

The trio of midsize aircraft will be delivered over in the “first three quarters” of 2018, says Cessna parent company Textron Aviation. They will join MexJet’s fleet of more than 30 business jets and helicopters based in Toluca and Monterrey.

MexJet was established in 1997, becoming Mexico’s first fractional ownership venture.

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Textron Aviation

The Latitude is a popular platform for fractional operators. Market leader NetJets placed an order in 2012 for 150 of the 10-seat type, and has taken delivery of 42 examples to date for its US and European programmes, Flight Fleets Analyzer shows.

Since the type entered service in August 2015, Cessna has delivered over 110 Latitudes, mainly to US-based owners and operators. Mexico is home to a single Latitude – the only example recorded in Latin America, Fleets Analyzer reveals.