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Bombardier flies Global Vision

Bombardier successfully completed first flight of a Global Express XRS equipped with the company’s new Global Vision flight deck on 3 August.

Pilots tested the "basic functionality” of the avionics suite during the 5h 8m flight, reaching an altitude of 5,181m (17,000ft) and speed of 343kt (635km/h). The "flawless" mission took place from Bombardier's Downview facility in Toronto, says the company.


Based on Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics suite, Global Vision will provide pilots with synthetic vision and other situational awareness boosting tools on four 38cm (15in) active matrix liquid crystal displays in the cockpit. A head-up guidance system that provides enhanced vision using CMC Electronics third-generation SureSight sensors can be used to qualify for lower approach minimums.

After initial flights are completed in Toronto, the aircraft will be ferried to Bombardier’s flight test centre in Wichita where it will undergo US Federal Aviation Administration, Transport Canada and EASA certification testing.

Global Vision will be available on the Global 5000 and Global Express XRS jets from 2011.

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