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  • FARNBOROUGH: Euro Hawk ready to make second flight

FARNBOROUGH: Euro Hawk ready to make second flight

The RQ-4E Euro Hawk will have its second test flight at Edwards air force base in California on 22 July, Northrop Grumman says.

German air force officials and maintainers will be on hand to observe the 12h flight, which will take the unmanned air vehicle (UAV) to 60,000ft (18,300m), says Jim Kohn, Northrop's programme director for EuroHawk.

"We don't expect any surprises out of that test," Kohn says.

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The high-altitude UAV had its first flight in June. Of the 31 planned test points, the aircraft got through 27. Two segments of the flight were cut short as the US Air Force Lockheed Martin F-16 safety planes escorting the EuroHawk were running low on fuel. Those test points will be cleared on the second flight, Kohn says.

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