Taxiing Rouge 767 spills 500kg of fuel

Canadian investigators have disclosed that a taxiing Air Canada Rouge Boeing 767-300ER lost around 500kg of fuel during a spillage incident while taxiing at Toronto.

The aircraft (C-GEOU) had been taxiing for departure to Bogota on 17 September, states the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.

It says that an aircraft behind the 767 notified the crew that a "significant amount" of fuel was venting from the wing. The 767 crew also received a left-hand fuel pump warning message on the engine indication and alert system.

Both General Electric CF6 engines were shut down and the aircraft stopped on the taxiway, while the crew requested the attendance of fire services.

"Most of the spill was contained within the taxiway," says the TSB in a bulletin, adding that the carrier estimated a loss of 500kg of fuel. None of the 219 passengers and eight crew members was injured.

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