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Webbies 2008 - Best Airport Website

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Best Airport Website

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Criteria: the Best Airport Website is awarded to the website that demonstrated a richness and depth of information for travellers and visitors, including facilities information, media resources and airline information.

Judges: Kieran Daly (Executive Editor - Flight International), Cranky Flyer (Blogger,

Amsterdam Schiphol
Features: interactive interface for airport facilities including shopping, eating ,relaxation etc. Offers different airport tours depending on your time available between connecting flights.
Judges liked: easy-to-use site containing a wealth of well-organised useful information.
Multi-language options make it friendly to the international traveller. Tour options are interesting and innovative – pick how much time you have and what your interests are and create a personalised tour of the airport to pass the time.
A huge amount of effort has obviously gone into making the whole airport experience a bit less unpleasant for travellers.

San Francisco International Airport
Features: uses a content-based navigational approach allowing users to easily locate relevant information. Pods provide promotional and advertising space throughout the site. Interactive maps help users locate airport amenities.
Judges liked: recently updated. Clean design makes navigation very simple. User-centric design.

Athens International airport
Summary: provides information primarily to travellers and visitors, but also to business partners, the general public and the press. Minimalist branded design, a virtual/actual link with Athens city brand, and simple navigation to services and information.
Judges liked: comprehensive site with useful information. Uses Flash intelligently to present complex messages. Important links to flight status and ground transport. Detailed airline information including direct links to booking and check-in sites. Prominent, well-developed section devoted to those doing business with the airport.


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