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WORLD AIRLINERS: Mainliners special

In September ZA001, the first Boeing 787 built, underwent tests in California. Picture: Boeing 

In part two of our world airliners round-up, mainline jets come in for sector-by-sector analysis. Major decisions loom in the narrowbody market, with Airbus and Boeing under pressure to replace popular products, while Bombardier's CSeries progresses and China and Russia aim to disrupt the duopoly. New widebody programmes have made major advances this year while older types have faded and ultra-large types remained problematic. Elsewhere, Russian manufacturers are struggling to keep lines open amid weak demand, but conversion providers are finding reasons for optimism.


World airliners: Regionals

Single-aisle aircraft: Narrowing options

Programmes: Dreams and reality

In-production aircraft: Staying the course

Narrowbodies: A new breed

Russian airliners: Bids to best the West

Very large aircraft: Ups and downs

Widebody conversions: Slow recovery

Narrowbody conversions: Fast recovery

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