Nextant Aerospace is gearing up to deliver the first 400XT business aircraft in the third quarter and has launched a formal marketing effort for the light twinjet. The jet is scheduled to receive US certification before the end of May.

Launched in October 2008, the 400XT is a remanufactured Hawker 400A/400XP, "designed to overcome the limitations of the original aircraft", says Nextant.

"The aircraft is stripped down with everything but the primary structure replaced," says Nextant vice-president of sales Jay Heublein.

Modifications include replacing the Pratt & Whitney JT15D engines with the new Williams International FJ44-3APs and incorporating the new Rockwell Collins Proline 21 avionics suite and Venue cabin management system.

Nextant 400XT
 © Nextant Aerospace

The 400XT also offers a range of aerodynamic enhancements including nacelles, pylons and an improved engine mounting configuration.

Nextant says enhancements boost the legacy aircraft's range by more than 50% to over 2,000nm (3,700km) and reduces its operating costs by 30%.

The 400XT has flown around 150h since it made its first flight in September 2010.

The aircraft costs under $4 million "around a $1 million less than the price we were quoting two years ago, as the inventory of used 400A and XPs has grown - along with many other aircraft types - causing the asking prices to fall," says Heublein.

Six aircraft are in various stages of production with 13 400XTs earmarked for delivery this year including the first five of a 40-strong order to US fractional ownership company Flight Options. "We have 43 orders to date and with certification in our sights we have started a formal marketing effort," says Heublein

Cleveland, Ohio-based Nextant says it will have a pool of around a dozen 400A/XPs at any one time, which it will upgrade and sell as new.

"We plans to deliver 13 aircraft this year, 24 in 2012 and up to 48 aircraft a year in subsequent years," says Heublein.

Source: Flight International