Preliminary conclusions from the inquiry into the Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330-200 crash at Tripoli have ruled out fuel exhaustion and found no evidence of technical malfunction before the accident.

Communications from the aircraft and air traffic control have also shown there was no request for technical or medical assistance.

The commission of inquiry has also determined that navigation aids at Tripoli International Airport functioned normally.

Just one of the 104 passengers and crew on board flight 8U771 from Johannesburg survived after the twin-jet disintegrated while attempting to land on runway 09.

The aircraft came down about 900m from the runway threshold at around dawn on 12 May.

Initial findings from the accident inquiry have been issued by the Libyan Government's official media channel.

Sabotage has been dismissed as a cause of the crash, and the inquiry has also stated that there is no evidence of fire or explosion. The crew, it adds, were qualified to perform the flight.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news