None of the six occupants of a British Aerospace 146-300 aircraft has survived after the jet crashed while operating a domestic service.

The aircraft was being operated by Jakarta-based Aviastar.

While the identity of the aircraft is unconfirmed, Flight's ACAS database lists the carrier as having only a single 146-300.

This is an 18-year old airframe, last listed as owned by Aviastar, with serial number E3189 and registered PK-BRD.

It had been flying from Jayapura, on the northern coast in the Papua region, to Wamena in the mountainous central region.

Aviastar BAE146
 © Adrian Romang

A senior safety executive at Aviastar tells Flightglobal sister publication Air Transport Intelligence that the carrier operates a daily flight on the route and that the accident occurred at 06:45 local time.

He says the aircraft was "not far away" from Wamena Airport and that, according to eyewitnesses, was "about to land" but "went around again".

During the circuit, he adds, the aircraft disappeared. He says it was carrying six occupants and that "all of them were killed". There is no confirmed information on weather conditions or the type of approach being attempted at the time.

Aviastar, which specialises in charter services, was established in June 2000 and acquired the 146-300, an ex-Flybe aircraft, about two years ago.

Wamena is almost inaccessible by other forms of transport, says Aviastar, which states that its operations include transport of rice and other cargo from warehouses in Jayapura.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news