Flight International online news 08:00GMT: Airbus has indicated to operators that there was no technical problem with the Air France Airbus A340-300 that overran the runway at Toronto Pearson Airport earlier this month.

The aircraft touched down about 4,000ft from the threshold of Toronto’s runway 24L, nearly halfway along the strip, while landing in heavy rain and storm conditions on 2 August.

Analysis of data from the A340 shows that the pilots conducted a manual short-final approach and landing, disconnecting the auto-thrust and autopilot at a height of about 300ft.

The aircraft made the approach in ‘FULL’ flap and slat configuration while the auto-brake was set to ‘MED’ – a setting recommended for landings on short or contaminated runways.

Flight-data recorder information has previously revealed that the aircraft touched down at 143kts with a ground speed of 148kts owing to a slight tailwind.

As the main landing-gear contacted the runway the ground spoilers deployed normally. But soon after touchdown, maximum brake-pedal inputs from the pilot overrode the auto-brake. These pilot brake inputs remained applied to the end.

Brake pressure was normally applied to the brakes, says Airbus, and the anti-skid system also operated normally.


Source: Flight International