Traditional recognition training in the armed forces allowed too many personnel to cheat. Geoff Tompson, managing director of IT-based training specialist DTM should know: he was in the RAF and he did it.


So he came up with the ideal solution – the Insight recognition trainer, a computer-based solution that keeps users honest. "The intelligence officers only had a limited number of images and so everyone remembered them," said Geoff.

Insight carries 200 images of aircraft, ships and land weapons as well as 3D images to enable users to see the object from any angle. The programme features the sounds made by different platforms, and weather and light conditions can be changed.

Users can update the programme by adding their own images, and can use it to set tutorials and tests. It's one of a range of programmes available from the firm. "Basically, we set out to develop high-end simulation that sits on a PC platform. We offer the power of something that normally costs millions for a few hundreds of thousands."

DTM (Chemring stand Hall 2, C18) is currently wowing show visitors with an emulation of a dogfight between a Eurofighter Typhoon and a Sukhoi Su-30. Don't miss it.

Source: Flight Daily News