Sir - In the article "Astra owners face disc work" (Flight International, 30 November-6 December, P17), it was reported that US Federal Aviation Administration Airworthiness Directive (AD) 94-23-05, had been issued against AlliedSignal TFE731 engines installed on Israel Aircraft Industries Astras.

In reporting the technical facts of the AD, we believe that the article created some needless concern among Astra customers by focusing the AD on the aircraft and its operating environment. We should like to clarify the facts:

the AD was consistent with four AlliedSignal Engines service bulletins addressing the same problems. Three of the bulletins include applications to all TFE731-3s; two of those include applications to the TFE731-2; and one is specific to the Astra. AlliedSignal began addressing these problems as early as June 1993. Compliance requirements are in complete agreement with AlliedSignal recommendations;

in no case has it been necessary to ground the Astra, or any other aircraft in the TFE731-powered fleet, to comply with AlliedSignal bulletins covered by the FAA's AD.

Working in concert with our customers, related disc replacements have been accomplished. Work with customers through comprehensive maintenance-support programmes is under way to virtually negate the financial impact of this event.

AlliedSignal remains committed to a complete and early resolution of all operator concerns.


Manager, public affairs

AlliedSignal Aerospace

Phoenix, Arizona, USA



Source: Flight International