The Australian-built Nomad utility twin turboprop will face permanent grounding next month if the Australian government and Boeing-owned Aerospace Technologies of Australia (ASTA) fail to identify a buyer for the aircraft's manufacturing rights and type certificate.


Australia's Government Aircraft Factories (now ASTA) designed and built 55 14-seat N22 and 18-seat N24 Nomads, which are operating in civil roles in 10 countries, and in the defence forces of Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. Since 1995, product support has been contracted to ASTA, but the company advised operators in November 2006 that funding for the contract would cease at the end of next month.

ASTA says no further original equipment manufacturer-approved Nomad airframe spares will be manufactured if the type certificate is cancelled. Expressions of interest have been received from manufacturers including Australian utility aircraft builder Gippsland Aeronautics, whose co-founding director George Morgan says the larger N24 may have potential for a commercial renaissance with some modifications.

Source: Flight International