An Ilyushin Il-62 of North Korean flag carrier Air Koryo was damaged in a landing incident at Pyongyang airport last week, although none on board was injured.

A source with knowledge of the incident told Flight that it involved one of Air Koryo’s Il-62s (one example pictured below) which was operating a regular passenger flight from the Chinese capital Beijing on 15 August.

The source says there was an apparent problem with a nose wheel while the aircraft was making its final approach to Pyongyang. After a missed approach the crew made a second landing attempt during which “the left wing hit the ground and an outboard section of the wing did detach”.

“Everyone exited without injury and walked away,” adds the source.

No other details are available.

Air Koyro Il-96 W445
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Air Koryo operates Antonov, Ilyushin and Tupolev aircraft from its base at Pyongyang in the reclusive state of North Korea to points in China and Russia as well as the Thai capital Bangkok.