Flight International online news 10:30GMT: Northwest Airlines could drop as many as 115 aircraft from its mainline and feeder fleet, including the entire complement of Avro RJ85As currently operated by Mesaba Airlines.

Northwest - Avro

The cuts, detailed in new court documents filed with the US bankruptcy court in the southern district of New York, are part of the carrier’s restructuring, which includes the return of aircraft leased at above market rates.

Under Northwest’s plan, 13 aircraft leases will be terminated a month after court approval, which was reportedly granted today, while a further 102 aircraft are earmarked for return at a later date that still has to be approved by the court.

The largest cull is in Northwest’s Avro RJ85 fleet, which is included in the second round of cuts.

If Northwest proceeds, the entire fleet of 35 aircraft will be dropped. Most of the aircraft will be returned to their lessors, although roughly 10 are owned by Northwest under financing agreements.

The initial reduction will see one Boeing 747-200 and six 757-200s dropped from the carrier’s fleet. In addition four McDonnell Douglas DC-9s and one DC-10, along with a single Airbus A320 are also scheduled for return to their lessors.



Source: Flight International