Flight International online news 11:30GMT: Norwegian ammunition systems and missile propulsion company Nammo Raufoss AS conducted a static firing of their first full-scale hybrid sounding rocket motor, a part of the Norwegian sounding rocket (NSR) on 30th August. 

Norwegian space thing - BIG

The rocket motor, tank/valve system and mobile ground support equipment have been designed in cooperation with Lockheed Martin Michoud Operations. All production and testing have been performed by Nammo Raufoss AS.

The purpose of the NSR is to launch scientific probes to investigate the atmosphere around the North Pole.

The rocket motor stands over 10 meters tall in flight configuration. The main tank was filled with 200 kilogram of liquid oxygen, which serves as the Oxidizer for the motor.

The complete burn time for the static firing was set to 20 seconds.The successful test demonstrated several of the flexibility and safety aspects with regards to hybrid propulsion systems. No pyrotechnical elements were part of the rocket motor and it could at any point during the burn be shut down, which was also demonstrated.

Nammo says the success of this first full-scale test opens the road for further tests and the development of operational hybrid rocket propulsion systems.


Source: Flight International