Sir - In a continuing attempt to obtain sponsorship to train for a commercial pilot's licence, I have regularly contacted airlines, associated aviation companies, trade associations, government agencies and private individuals. Possibly as many as 5,000 letters have been sent, telephone calls and personal visits have been made and I have even tried distributing leaflets at trade events.

I have received many replies with useful, constructive and supportive suggestions, but none with offers of sponsorship.

I feel that it is a great shame that an industry which creates such vast worldwide turnovers, and which attracts such large sums of investment for its development, does not appear to support the less wealthy of us who wish to become part of that same industry's future. Those fortunate enough to be able to self-fund their training are left to do so and remain a lucky minority.

I am aware that at present, there is a surplus of qualified pilots, leaving many unemployed. I believe, however, that the demand for air transportation will increase and I intend to be part of that growth.

Any suggestions from readers will be gratefully received.


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Source: Flight International