Wiring faults in older aircraft could become a thing of the past thanks to a new system being developed by Honeywell (Hall 5, Stand B11).

The company is leading a team of industry experts to develop and market its Nova Wire Integrity Programme.

The system is expected to save operators up to 20% in maintenance costs and is scheduled to be available in the fourth quarter of 2001. It will perform wiring system modelling, failure analysis, trend monitoring, prognostics, diagnostic analysis, data logging of test results and automatic test generation.


"The Nova Wire Integrity Programme will diagnose and locate any faults within the wiring system," says Francois Gau, Director, Marketing, Honeywell Aerospace Services. "The system will, if required, test up to 5,000 wires a minute and identify any fault (shorts, open circuits or insulation wear) and their location in the aircraft to within 1cm (0.4in)."

Aircraft maintainers will have the option of selecting a long-term contract to lower up-front costs or purchasing the equipment directly with an annual support agreement.

The team developing Nova includes GRCI, which will provide architecture modelling and data archiving; Qualtech Systems, providing advanced diagnostics software and maintenance planning; Lectromec, which specialises in prognostic accelerated aging/fault detection; and DIT-MCO International which provides circuit analysers.

Source: Flight Daily News