Novator has completed certification trials of the 3M-54E and 3M-54E1 anti-ship cruise missiles, which the Yekaterinburg-based design bureau has developed from the Russian navy's 3M-54.

India is the launch customer for the missiles, which are part of the Klub-S and Klub-N systems intended for diesel-electric powered submarines and ship launch.

The 3M-54E is the standard variant. The missile weighs 1,920kg (4,230lb) and has a 330km (180nm) range when fitted with a 200kg high-explosive warhead. 

The 3M-54E1 has the same 0.53m (1.7ft) cross-section, but at 6.2m is shorter than the 8m-long standard missile, to fit "Western navies' platforms with NATO-standard weapons systems", says the company. Weight is reduced to 1,570kg and range to 220km with a 450kg warhead. Both missiles have a trapezoidal wing that deploys in flight.

After launch from a surface ship's vertical or angled launcher or submarine's torpedo tube, the missile flies to altitude on a solid-propellant booster to deploy the wing and air intake for a turbojet cruise engine. It then flies at 65ft and subsonic speed under commands from the on-board flight computer using target data downloaded before launch.

At 30-40km from the target, the missile climbs and the Radar-MMS ARGS-54E active radar seeker is activated before the missile descends to less than 30ft during the terminal phase.

Source: Flight International