Emirates is introducing a new $8 million ICE (information, communication and entertainment) system featuring 100 movies and 50 TV channels on demand, 350-plus audio channels and 40 in-flight games.


The system will initially be installed on Airbus A340-500 aircraft operating non-stop from Dubai to Sydney.

With the launch of the industry's most sophisticated on-demand video and audio system, the Dubai-based carrier will be the first to be able to show BBC World news updates live in-flight, and the first to give travellers wanting to stay in touch with home or office a means to send and receive e-mail and text messages from any seat for $1 a time.

The extensive audio choice includes UK No 1 hits from every week since the Top 10 was first published on 14 November 1952, 50-plus channels of Arabic, Japanese and world music, a huge selection of albums, 70 hours of classical concertos, operas and symphonies and 10 entire talking books.


The sophisticated system allows users to start, stop and replay films or music at will.

If after all that, travellers are still bored, they can phone home for $5 a minute.

Source: Flight Daily News