Russian missile design house NPO Mashinostroyenia says that it has successfully completed flight-testing of its Yakhont rocket/ramjet-powered anti-ship missile, although there are no orders for it yet from the Russian defence ministry.

The Yakhont, which may carry the Russian navy designation Onix, has been in design and development since the 1980s, and was intended to be carried by Soviet surface vessels and submarines.

The design bureau revealed for the first time a full-scale engineering airframe-design model of the Yakhont at the show. Also on show was the Granit passive/active radar seeker designed for the Yakhont.

More than ten full test firings of the 300km (160nm)-range missile have been conducted, including a submerged launch from a submarine. Tests also continue of the Plamya-designed ramjet powerplant. The design bureau is now seeking an export launch customer.

As well as offering the Yakhont for export, NPO Mashinostoyenia is also looking to use elements of the missile in its proposed Alfa turbojet-powered cruise missile.

As well as surface- and submarine-launched variants, it is also considering an air-launched version. This would be some 900kg lighter as it would not need a launch booster.

Source: Flight International