US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) officials in Chicago yesterday began investigating what forced an American Airlines Boeing 757-200 with seven crew and 187 passengers enroute from Seattle to New York JFK to stop short and overrun its landing after diverting to O'Hare Monday afternoon.

According to the FAA, the pilots of American Flight 268 reported an electrical issue while enroute and requested to divert to O'Hare. After landing on Runway 22R at O'Hare, the aircraft came to rest on the left side of the overrun area with its nose gear and left main gear in the grass, where passengers deplaned using portable stairs.

American Airlines says it continues to investigate the source of the electrical problem and that the aircraft remains out of service.

The FAA says no one was injured during the 1335 incident Monday.

AA 757 
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Source: Air Transport Intelligence news