I would like to correct some information in your January news article 'Harry heads to Air Afrique'.

Four, not five completely compatible Airbus A310s have been acquired by the company on a financial lease basis. These have replaced three DC-10s, not four. Your union quote is from Mr Pascal (not Pascale Ido); he is from the pilots union, which is different from Straconaci, a local Cote d'Ivoire workers organisation.

Second, the net loss predicted for 1996 is around US$30 million. This is less than the $50 million indicated in your copy, but is still very high compared to a turnover of $500 million.

Third, former managing director Yves Roland-Billecart is French but has never been employed by Air France; he is a top level civil servant and was general manager of CCCE, the French public agency for financing developing countries.

Y Boudot

Deputy managing director

Air Afrique

Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.

[Our quote was from Pascale Ido, but incorrectly identified Stratonaci as the pilots union. We did include Air Afrique's $30 million loss projection as well as the union's claim - Ed]


Source: Airline Business