Most aerospace suppliers are here to battle it out among each other to win juicy contracts, but Dave Hall, co-owner of MotoArt, is displaying something that little bit different.

Hall says he is in the airframing business. But unlike Boeing and Airbus, he’s making something out of airframes and other parts at the end of their life. MotoArt takes parts of aircraft and turns them into furniture and sculptures.

“We’re here in Hong Kong for two reasons. Since we first started this about seven years ago we’ve had great success in the US and recently we made a television programme for Discovery Channel called Wing Nuts, which has been airing in Hong Kong on Wednesdays. We feel the time is right to introduce ourselves to the Asian market,” says Hall.

Hall and business partner Donovan Fell manufacture furniture and sculptures using salvaged aircraft parts – from fish tanks made from MK-84 Bombs, to the Boeing 707 Wheel Table or the Boeing 727 Cowling Love Seat. Innovative designs from the outright kitsch to must-have pieces of art.

On show is a Martini table constructed from glass and a DC-3 propeller, and a desk made from the flap of a Fairchild C119. It’s is refreshing to sea company that is putting the fun into furniture and finding a use for yesterday’s aviation junk.

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Source: Flight Daily News