Visitors and exhibitors at Dubai 2003 need have no medical worries. Behind the scenes, is an fully equipped modern medical clinic.

A team of four doctors, three nurses and up to 10 paramedics are on loan from various Dubai hospitals for the airshow, ready to provide comprehensive care. So far they've been called on to treat up to 50 people a day.

"We deal with anything from sore throats, flu symptoms, high blood pressure, heart palpations to people falling, or even, in one case yesterday, run over" said Dr Raed Abu Hijleh of Dubai Hospital ICU, the acting site doctor.

"We are a very well-equipped clinic, with a ventilator, defibrillator and fully stocked pharmacy. We also have a small ward to handle any minor to slightly serious traumas. Anything very serious and patients would go directly by one of our two on-site ambulances to the hospital, or even by helicopter.

"We have anything available to save a life at the click of a finger," says Dr Hijleh. Rashid Hospital, the main major trauma hospital, is a comforting 6km (four miles) from the show ground, with Dubai Hospital just 5km.

For anyone taken ill at the show, a ‘golf ambulance' – basically a golf buggy with a stretcher attached to the side – can be dispatched to transfer them to the clinic.

Asked if the clinic was geared up for an air crash, Dr Hijleh replied: "There is already a plan for that. We are part of it, along with all other emergency services."

The clinic is located opposite the Reception Hall, between the East and West Halls, and is open from 7am-6pm.

Source: Flight Daily News