One Aviation is upgrading its unsold fleet of low-time Eclipse EA500s and Total Eclipse very light jets with the same ­features as the new-generation EA550. The move should help the airframer to shift the inventory of older models from its base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Total Eclipse was introduced by Eclipse Aerospace in 2010, following its acquisition of the former Eclipse Aviation. This sale included a fleet of around ­20 unfinished or low-time EA500s that were subsequently upgraded with a new cockpit, anti-icing protection and then given the Total Eclipse moniker.

This fleet, along with a handful of more recent low-hour EA500s, have now been rebranded as the Special Edition. Priced at $2.2 million, this latest version features the dual Avio integrated flight management system, an anti-skid braking system, a newly designed pilot-side standby display unit, a new interior, and a “deluxe” ­two-tone paint scheme. Each ­aircraft comes with a three-year warranty.

“The Eclipse SE is much more than an upgraded Eclipse EA500; it is a factory-supported, like-new aircraft for a very ­reasonable price,” says One ­Aviation.

Source: Flight International