The debate on age restrictions in the industry continues, and Capt Peter Shaw (Flight International 5-11 November) highlights the fact that there is still no level playing field in Europe. But there is not even a level playing field between departments in our own CAA. And it is condoned by government departments whose task it is to oversee the CAA.

I refer to the refusal by the Flight Operations Inspectorate (FOI) to all Synthetic Flight Examiners (SFEs) to continue as examiners in commercial operations in simulators beyond age 65, while the Personnel Licensing Department allows Delegated Examiners to continue as examiners for the issue of commercial licences in aircraft beyond that age.

The FOI argues that the difference is that the PLD flights are not for public transport use. I wonder what other purpose is in the mind of a candidate when he or she goes through the trauma and expense of getting a commercial licence.

There can be no doubt that the PLD has it right, and the FOI is out of step with JAR-FCL 1.

Captain A A Clark Wiltshire, UK

Source: Flight International