As a regular air passenger, I am very much aware of a relaxed attitude by staff on flights with respect to the cockpit door. On many occasions on flights since March from the UK to Sweden (SAS and British Airways), I have noticed that the cockpit door is left open for extended periods (more than 5min) in full view of the passengers, while food is given to the captain and/or he/his co-pilot chat to the cabin staff.

In light of 11 September, I find this unacceptable, and wonder why the cockpit door can't be locked before any passengers arrive, only being opened again once all passengers have departed (especially on short flights). The cockpit staff should have their own food and in the long term the cockpit should have its own toilet. In the UK passengers have absolutely no access to train drivers, and are separated from and warned not to speak to bus drivers when the vehicle is moving.

If this is seen as essential for trains and buses, then why not aircraft? The old days of being invited into the cockpit now seem frighteningly naive.

David Boyce

via e-mail

Source: Flight International