Those looking to next week's Singapore air show for signals that the global aerospace industry is well into recovery mode are likely to be disappointed.

The organisers are promising the usual "bigger and better" event, but the reality is that there will be fewer exhibitors than two years ago as companies continue to cut costs. We have stepped back from the abyss that threatened to swallow the global economy in early 2009, but sentiment remains weak as fears persist of another economic dip.

Yet, many of the key players with a stake in the Asian aerospace industry will be in Singapore - even if with a smaller presence. For our feature on the region's aviation prospects in this issue, we talked to people and companies across the entire spectrum of the industry. They reiterate - and we are likely to find out next week - that the Asia-Pacific region has the biggest growth potential globally, and that those with a long-term view will remain engaged in order to have a share of that.

The region's airlines are growing, its air forces are modernising and astute rich individuals are in the market for business jets at bargain prices. It may be too early to declare the beginning of recovery, but in Singapore next week we may at least get some indication of how far off the horizon really is.


Source: Flight International