Embraer has, believe it or not, its own anthem. The lyrics talk about how Brazil’s aerospace industry is a vital part of defending the homeland: its blue sky, the emerald green forests and the Amazon river.

What is absent, however, is any mention of a joint venture with a counterpart from North America that promises to entirely reshape the company.

E190-E2 Wideroe - Embraer


Maybe he is adopting his poker face, but it is hard to discern enormous enthusiasm for the discussions from Embraer’s chief executive Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva.

Although he notes the benefits for both parties, there is a feeling that Embraer is exploring the possibility of an alliance more because it has to, than because it wants to.

There will be benefits, of course: Boeing’s marketing muscle and huge purchasing power would ensure supercharged growth. On the other side, the Seattle-based airframer will be able to take advantage of Embraer’s deep pool of engineering talent.

Souza e Silva believes the company will be able to stand on its own if the Boeing talks are not consummated. Maybe, but facing a revitalised competitor in Bombardier with the heft of Airbus behind it would be significantly easier with a substantial ally.

Others in Embraer’s leadership team seem keener on a new relationship with its friends in the north. Perhaps Souza e Silva, as a proud Brazilian, feels that the anthem’s ideals are being diminished, however slightly.

Source: Flight International