There would have to be a market of at least 2,000 aircraft to prompt one of the big airframers to launch a product to fill the middle-of-the-market gap between their largest narrowbodies and smallest twin-aisles, Flightglobal's Ascend consultancy concludes in a new white paper.

Prompted by a number of customers, Boeing is considering a replacement for its 757 narrowbody, seating 220-240 passengers. However, sceptics doubt whether there is sufficient demand for such a type without Airbus or Boeing cannibalising sales of existing models.

Honeywell 757


Ascend consultants have examined the market, using our proprietary data to assess the potential demand for such an aircraft and the likelihood of a launch. Of the two, Boeing is the most likely to take the initiative.

"One theory is that the superior payload range of the A321neo will put pressure on Boeing to move first. The A321neo has certainly seen far more orders to date than the 737 Max 9, outselling it by four to one," says Ascend consultant Richard Evans.

However, Airbus may be prompted into a move if the A330neo is a comparative failure against the 787, adds Evans.

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Source: Flight Daily News