Low-cost carriers and leasing companies in particular are keeping the sales teams busier than ever at International Aero Engines (IAE).

The company is engaged in 35 active sales campaigns for around 700 of its V2500 engines this year already, says president Steve Heath (above).

In a normal year it would expect to fight 20-25 campaigns for engines to power Airbus A320 family aircraft.

"Our anticipation was that it would be a slow year in terms of activity for new business," he says, but the reverse is true.

While the traditional carriers are not looking for new orders, low-cost airlines, lessors and carriers undergoing some form of re-structuring are in the market.



Significant engine campaigns under way include Easyjet/Go, Air New Zealand and Aeroflot.

Decisions on engines for around 200 aircraft are expected over the next three months, he says. The orders being considered are in the 2003-08 timeframe.

Despite this activity, IAE has slashed production by 30% in light of falling demand following 11 September.

The four-nation consortium will manufacture 220 engines this year, down from 320 in the original plan, says Heath.

Source: Flight Daily News