By Darren Shannon in Washington, DC

Boeing yesterday booked its first order passenger version of its 747-8 aircraft, although the manufacturer is remaining silent on which client has placed the launch order.

The firm order is for one unit, as identified today in a customer breakdown of the US manufacturer’s May orders. No other details are available, and a spokesman will not comment on the order.

Boeing 747-8 in flight

A source, however, has confirmed the order is not for a freighter variant. The order book also reveals Boeing has firmed another two 747-400F orders. Again, the customer is not identified.

Boeing’s May order book also clarifies the first 777 order for 2006, which consists of 14 -300ERs and six -200LRs. Again, Boeing will not say which carrier has placed the order, citing customer demands, although ATI has confirmed the order is from one airline.

Also included in Boeing’s May orders are six 737-800s, again for an unidentified airline, three 737-900ERs for Turkey’s Sky Airlines, and one 737-800 for Alaska Airlines.

May’s orders are valued at $5.8 billion at list price.

The Boeing spokesman also declined to comment on 10 737 orders dropped in May.

Source: Flight International