Airbus has marked the 200th Airbus A320 family aircraft assembled at the Final Assembly Line China (FALC) in Tianjin, handing over an A319 to China Eastern Airlines.

“The 200th Airbus A320 family aircraft assembled in Tianjin marks an important milestone of the Airbus partnership with China,” says Eric Chen, Airbus China president and chief executive.

“We are happy to deliver this aircraft to China Eastern Airlines, and to celebrate this achievement together with the Tianjin Free Trade Zone and AVIC, our partners. We are committed to providing the world’s best aircraft to our customers and keen to continue our win-win cooperation with China.”

Airbus 200 acft Tianjin


Inaugurated in 2008, the FALC is a joint venture between Airbus, AVIC and Tianjin Free Trade Zone. It is the third A320 family assembly centre after Hamburg and Toulouse, and is the first outside of Europe. The first aircraft delivered from the FALC was handed over in 2009.

Earilier this year, Airbus, AVIC and TJFTZ agreed to extend FALC’s operations for another decade, from 2016 to 2025.

The extension will include the final assembly of the re-engined A320neo family from 2017 onwards for delivery to Asian customers.

Source: Cirium Dashboard