Embraer estimates that airlines in Asia-Pacific will take delivery of around 3,010 new aircraft with up to 150 seats over the next 20 years, accounting for 29% of worldwide demand.

The total demand for the segment over the next two decades is for 10,500 new aircraft.

"The ongoing over-capacity and intense competition in the region has prevented airlines from delivering higher profits. In this regard, the E-Jets E2s can help airlines open new markets at the lowest possible risk, complement larger fleet types to maximise profit and achieve sustainable growth with higher profitability," says Cesar Pereira, Embraer commercial's vice president for Asia-Pacific.

Embraer had last year projected demand for 1,710 new jets in the 70-130 segment for Asia Pacific over the next 20 years.

"We continue to identify to airline opportunities in markets that are currently underserved or not served at all. With the E2s, we can offer great operational flexibility, broaden the network to reach second and third tier cities, adding frequency to build competitive advantage and access to more airports without any limitations," adds Pereira.

Source: Cirium Dashboard