Magellan Aerospace subsidiary Orenda and Britten-Norman are studying retrofitting the BN2T-4S Defender 4000 with the Canadian manufacturer's Orenda OE600 Series V-8 aero engine. The re-engined version would be focused on the passenger/utility market segments.

The modification is expected to produce improved performance and efficiency, claims Orenda.

It predicts that at a 180kw (240hp) power cruise setting, the aircraft would consume around 118kg/h (260lb/h) of fuel, or roughly 20% less than the current Allison 250-B17F engines. The OE600-powered BN2T would have a maximum take off weight of 4,245kg, a rate of climb of 1,200ft/m (6.1m/s) and a maximum cruise speed of 176kt (325km/h).

Source: Flight International