L-3 Avionics Systems has made an all-glass cockpit possible for Part 23 aircraft with the debut of the Trilogy ESI-1000 Electronic Standby Instrument.

Trilogy is the first panel-mounted solid-state integrated stand-by system created specifically for this market. Designed as a back-up for glass cockpit avionics, Trilogy is expected to receive certification in early 2009.

L-3 Glass Cockpit 

“This is a fully integrated AMLCD stand-by instrument for general aviation aircraft operators,” says Adrienne Stevens, president of L-3 Avionics Systems. “There are thousands of glass cockpits flying today with outdated analog instruments.

“Trilogy puts all the necessary back-up information – airspeed, altitude and attitude – in one place and in a layout pilots can read easily,” he continues.

“It’s a tremendous step in safety for modern cockpits and it completes the glass layout desired by so many.”  Trilogy is priced at less than $15,000.

Also announced at AirVenture is L-3’s addition of Synthetic Vision to its SmartDeck Integrated Flight Controls and Display System. Synthetic Vision will be available as an option on new SmartDeck systems or as an add-on after certification, expected later this year.




Source: Flight International