TrickAir is showing its new range of fixed-wheel penetration skis for the Cessna 120, 140, 140A and a variety of Piper models, which were Supplemental Type Certificated (STC) in May.

To get round the expense and extra weight of hydraulic skis Rick Discher, president of TrickAir, has developed the concept of detachable skis which can be taken on and off in less than half and hour.


“The beauty is that you can fly all year round – with snow or without. It also provides greater control and performance in the snow with wheel steering. The airfoil design minimizes drag and it is easy to install and very reliable,” confirms Discher.

The skis can be fitted to strut or spring gear airplanes and there are three sizes on offer. Maule and American Champion aircraft are also catered for and there are gravel guard products available to protect the skis for landing in rough terrain.

“We have a full range of sizes and types on offer for visitors. I look forward to being able to provide an all-year flying solution for general aviation pilots at Oshkosh,” says Discher.


Source: Flight International