American Legend and Texas Sport Aircraft company is showcasing its  which comes under the LSA rulings.

Charlie Keen, production manager says: “We’ve modernized it and made some improvements.” Over the original J-3 Piper legend the Legend Cub has opening windows and doors on both sides of the fuselage. Coupled with a fuselage that is 3-in wider than the original Keen says it can be soloed from the front or the back.

 Legend Cub

The airframe is made from a Chromalloy steel and uses Tig welding, compared to the original mild steel. It is available in kit form or as a production airplane.

Keen says that at the show you can get a $5,000 discount off the $103,000 price tag for the production variant and the kit retails for $39,800 but is offered with a $2,500 discount at the show.

The airplane is available with three engine options. An open cowl 100hp Continental O-200 for the classic J-3 Cub look or with a closed cowl and PA-11 style pressure cowl. While the third option is with a 120hp Jabiru 3300A

Keen says: “There is a big market for this aircraft, it’s a nostalgic design. Everyone the world over recognizes the Cub.

“You can have a glass cockpit or steam gauges,” says Keen. “We’re always looking at technology and we’ve now got a ground adjustable prop.”


Source: Flight International